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Massage Therapy Styles

Holistic Massage

A holistic massage is an individual massage treatment that is specifically tailored to each client. A true holistic massage is unique, following no fixed routine and focusing on more than just superficial aches and pains.

A holistic approach treats the body as a whole, and a holistic massage practitioner takes into account a client’s emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their physical body.

For a holistic practitioner, a wide range of massage techniques must be mastered, including gentle massage, stretches, relaxation work and very deep tissue techniques. Flexibility in applying this breadth of knowledge is paramount since their appropriateness must be determined by the client’s needs at that particular time.

During holistic massage training, great importance is placed on how the practitioner communicates and interacts with the client. The therapist massages the person, not just their body, working ‘with’ the client rather than giving a massage ‘to’ them.


Aromatherapy is the name given to a holistic treatment which uses the essential oils derived from plants, for healing purposes and to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Whilst essential oils can be used in many different ways, by far the most effective way is through massage. Aromatherapy can be used to treat a range of different conditions and problems, both physical and psychological. By combining pure aromatic substances and therapeutic touch, it is a natural method of healing that has been used for centuries.

Where do Essential Oils come from?

Essential Oils are aromatic substances present at very low concentrations in different parts of plants, for example the leaves, flower petals, fruit, wood, seeds, roots etc.

The essential oil can be extracted in a number of different ways, the most common being distillation. All essential oils have therapeutic properties, and many essential oils share similar properties, so a blend can be made individually for a client based on smells that they like as well as the therapeutic benefits required.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage draws from principles within the Ayurvedic system of healing and from common practices in India that have been used for over 1,000 years. Indian Head Massage has continued to evolve in the West; typically this seated treatment lasts around 30 minutes and includes the therapeutic application of massage to the upper back, neck, arms, head, scalp and face. The range of specific techniques used aid deep relaxation and stress relief to benefit the client and aim to restore balance physically and psychologically.

Sports Massage

The prime purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively. Above all, it can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement, whether one is an athlete, ardent keep-fitter or a once a week jogger.

This treatment is not just for the sports person: anyone can benefit from sports massage, including people in physically demanding jobs and those not quite so obvious (occupational, emotional and postural stress may produce many similar characteristics to sports injuries).

Sports massage brings together a blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during treatment, to work effectively with the client to bring about optimum performance and to provide injury-free training and minimise post event

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a treatment that manipulates the soft tissues of the body for a specific therapeutic effect. It uses relevant techniques and movements according to the client’s needs and response.

One of the deepest forms of massage, Remedial Massage is ideal for the relief and prevention of musculo-skeletal injuries or conditions, whether through sport, occupation, postural problems, or a specific trauma.

Remedial massage is deep manipulation of the soft and connective tissues of the body leading to relief from acute or chronic muscular pain, an increase in joint mobility, improved circulation, and last but not least a profound level of relaxation, both physical and mental.



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