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Benefits of Massage

It is widely accepted that massage therapy can help decrease our stress levels and aid us in terms of relaxation and contentment. However, there are numerous additional physiological and psychological benefits that you can enjoy.

Manipulating the soft tissues, massage stretches and loosens our muscles and other tissues thereby easing muscular tension, mobilising stiff joints and improving our muscle tone, giving an improved range of motion, relief from pain and relief from stress and tension.

Massage is able to improve the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body and speed up the drainage of toxins and waste (known as lactic acid) from tissues. Massage will also remove dead skin cells thereby promoting healthy and vibrant skin. All of which can lead to increased energy levels and feelings of vitality.

Massage increases circulation, improves blood flow and stimulates the movement of lymph fluid, which in turn allows fresh blood and oxygen to reach all the body cells faster.

By relaxing through massage, we stimulate the part of our brain ‘the parasympathetic nervous system’ that slows down our heart rate and breathing, lowers blood pressure, aids digestion and combats insomnia. Massage will also help to release the endorphins that are naturally produced by our bodies and act as a natural painkiller.

Massage treats you as the whole person and is a form of touch that helps your body to relax. The primary goal of massage therapy is to help your body heal itself and to increase your general health and wellbeing.

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