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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a treatment session?

For initial treatments a full consultation will be carried out before the start of the treatment . I will collect your personal details, discuss any constant or recurring conditions, injuries or serious ailments you may have and note any relevant health and medical history including medications you may be taking. All information given will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party.

Included in this conversation will be questions around your lifestyle, how you are feeling on the day and what you want from the massage. Please don’t be afraid of expressing yourself – this is your treatment and your requirements, comfort and wellbeing are paramount! This information will help me give you the best massage I can.

For Sports and Remedial massage treatments a standing assessment of your muscles and posture will also be carried out as part of this consultation so we can see if there is anything which may be contributing to your symptoms. Usually this is conducted with a client in their underwear but if you would not be comfortable with this you are welcome to bring shorts/camisole top etc. to wear instead.

Subsequent treatments will always include a review of your current health status. The length of these conversations will depend on how you are and what you need from the treatment.

You can ask any question you have about the massage. If this is your first massage I will talk you through exactly what will happen and everything you need to know. You will be given time to yourself to undress for the treatment and settle on the table.

You will be covered with drapes for the entire treatment and only the body part being massaged will be uncovered at any time. I may ask questions about how different areas are feeling and check with you that the pressure is OK whilst I am working to ensure that I am on track.

You can be as actively engaged in the process as you want to be by asking any questions you might have, providing feedback and talking about what you’re experiencing, or you may prefer to simply sink into silence and switch off.

At the end of your session I’ll leave you some space and time to come to. Once you have dressed and had a rehydrating drink of water, we will chat about the session. I will talk through any action that might be useful for you to take to maximise the benefits of the massage and may suggest beneficial lifestyle changes if necessary and how best for you to move forward with any future treatment or maintenance work.

What about clothing & privacy?

As massage is usually performed directly on the skin, you will be asked to remove clothing covering the area/areas to be treated. However, it is important that you are comfortable and relaxed during the treatment so it is absolutely fine if you wish to be fully undressed, fully clothed or something in between.

You will undress in privacy and be invited to lie on the table, covering yourself with the drapes provided. I will continue to use the draping carefully throughout the treatment, maintaining your modesty and only uncovering the body part being massaged at any time. Please note that it is against my policy to provide un-draped or nude treatments.

As a professional massage therapist I am concerned with your care and wellbeing. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable undressing. There are many techniques which can be used over clothing and still allow the session to be effective.

Will the massage be painful?

During the course of the massage it is likely that some areas of tension, muscle adhesion and trigger points will be discovered. When working with these areas it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable or tender but I always work within your tolerance levels.

You are always in control during a treatment and if any pressure is too deep, just say so. It is important you are relaxed throughout the massage for me to be able to get the muscles to release.

You may feel some tenderness for a day or so after the treatment, particularly if this is your first treatment, but this should only be a slight tenderness and will ease over 24 to 48 hours.

Do you play music?

During treatment sessions, I want you to relax and connect with your body, and if this is achieved by having music playing in the background then absolutely, yes. If you would like to bring a CD of your choice with you, please do. If you prefer tuning into your body’s own natural rhythm in silence then that is fine too.

Do you do home visits?

I do offer sessions in your own home but due to travelling and the time required to set up and pack away there may be an additional cost for this service. How much more will depend on the distance I will need to travel. I will bring my massage table, drapes, towels and oil – all you need to provide is enough space for me to set up and move around the table, and sufficient heating for you to be comfortable.

If you are interested in home visits please contact me on 07854 173 955 to discuss.

For more information, please contact Samantha:
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