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Four Essential Oils for Travel

So summer (or what’s supposed to be summer!) is here and lots of people are jetting off on their travels. Whether you’re off to sunnier shores or are having a staycation, here are my top four essential oils which should travel with you:

#1 Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has a multitude of uses and is one of few essential oils which are safe to use neat on the skin. Tea Tree is very important in the health of the immune system, as it acts as an immuno-stimulant and increases the body’s ability to fight off any infections, while it also is used to revive the mind and body after shock.

The world over, this oil is used with great effectiveness to ward of infections of any kind, and it is active in all three varieties of infectious organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It can help with influenza, cold sores, catarrh, glandular fever and gingivitis.

A course of massage with tea tree oil before an operation may help to fortify the body and reduce post-operative shock.

Apart from the superb anti-infectious properties of tea tree oil, it is also most effective to help clear bronchial congestion, asthma, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

On the genito-urinary system, it can be used to help clear vaginal thrush, cystitis and genital infections in general and on the skin, it clears abscesses, acne, burns, herpes, oily skin, athlete’s foot, cold sores, blemishes, diaper rash, warts, sunburn and infected wounds, while fighting dandruff on the scalp.

#2 Lavender

Lavender is most well-known for its relaxing and sedative properties, the one oil everyone turns to when they want a good night’s sleep! It is also safe to use on children and babies, making it a great all-rounder for the whole family and a great oil to have at home. Lavender is also safe to use neat on the skin.

Lavender oil has many therapeutic benefits, and can be used to help the following complaints; high blood pressure, stress, insomnia, earache, chicken pox, nappy rash, minor cuts & bruises, blisters, mastitis, sunburn, prickly heat, insect bites, lumbago, muscular aches & pains, abdominal cramps, flatulence, arthritis, headaches, aching feet, acne, psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, spots, abscesses, dermatitis, migraine, athletes foot, throat infections, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, period pain, depression, anxiety, shock, irritability, P.M.S., conjunctivitis, colic, diarrhoea and scars. And probably many more too!


#3 Citronella

Citronella  oil’s most useful quality is that of it being an insect repellent. It is best used in a spray, a diffuser or on a cotton ball amongst linen. It is also useful in ridding cats and dogs of fleas.

Furthermore, citronella oil helps to clear the mind and has a general toning and tonic effect on the body. It is helpful with colds, flu and minor infections and also has deodorizing qualities.


#4 Peppermint

Peppermint oil is excellent for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing the spirit and stimulating mental agility and improving concentration. It helps for apathy, shock, headache, migraine, nervous stress, vertigo and faintness and in general respiratory disorders, as well as dry coughs, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and cholera.

For the digestive system, peppermint oil is effective for a range of ailments, as it stimulates the gall bladder and the secretion of bile. It is used for colic, cramps, dyspepsia, spastic colon, flatulence and nausea and can relieve pain in cases of toothache, aching feet, rheumatism, neuralgia, muscular pains and painful periods.

On the skin, peppermint oil is used to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and also helps to reduce skin redness, where inflammation is present. It is used for dermatitis, acne, ringworm and scabies and also relieves itching, sunburn and inflammation of the skin, while at the same time having a cooling action.

August 12th, 2017